Code of Conduct


Clovelly SLSC endorses the following Code of Conduct for Clovelly members, particularly those responsible for activities involving members under the age of 18, and/or similar statements as endorsed by SLSA State Centre.

As a Clovelly SLSA member you should meet the following requirements in regard to your conduct during any Clovelly SLSC sanctioned activity.
Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others
Be fair, considerate and honest in all dealings with others
Be professional in, and accept responsibility for, your actions
Make a commitment to provide quality service.
Be aware of, and maintain upcoming adhesion to, SLSA standards, rules, regulations and policies
Operate within the rules of surf lifesaving including national and international guidelines that govern SLSA

Clovelly Surf Lifesaving Club Limited expects all members, supporters, advisors and associates to Clovelly SLSA to abide by a Code of Conduct that upholds the principles and values of the organisation. Members should recognise that at all times they have a responsibility to a duty of care to all members of SLSA. Specifically :-
Understand the possible consequences if you breach Clovelly SLSC Code of Conduct
Immediately report any breaches of the Clovelly SLSC Code of Conduct to the appropriate authorities
Refrain from any form of abuse towards others
Refrain from any form of harassment towards others
Provide a safe environment for the conduct of the activity in accordance with relevant Clovelly SLSC policy
Show concern and caution towards others who may be sick or injured
Be a positive role model

A Clovelly SLSC Team Manager/Age      Manager will agree to abide by the Clubs Code of Conduct.
Be responsible for the overall welfare and well-being of team members and officials when travelling with a team
Maintain a ‘duty of care’ towards team members and an accountability for the management team
Have a sound knowledge of SLSA policies, responsibilities and competition rules, and ensure that the conduct of the affairs of the team is in accordance with these policies and guidelines
Foster a collaborative approach to the management of the team

A Clovelly SLSC Coach or Official will:
Agree to abide by the Clubs Code of Conduct
Be responsible for matters concerning the coaching, training and development of surf lifesavers
Maintain a ‘duty of care’ towards others and an accountability for matters relating to training and       competition
Have a sound working knowledge of Clovelly and SLSA policies, rules and regulations and coaching       techniques
Ensure that any physical contact with others
I.    Appropriate to the situation
II.    Necessary for the persons skill development
provide a safe environment for training and competition
be a positive role model for surf lifesavers and SLSA

A Clovelly Administrator/Director/Officer will
Agree to abide by the Clubs Code of Conduct
Be fair, considerate and honest with others
Operate within the rules of SLSA
Be professional in your actions.
Your language, presentation, manner and punctuality should reflect high standards
Resolve conflicts fairly and promptly through established procedures
Maintain strict impartiality
Maintain a safe environment for others
Show concern and caution towards others
Be a positive role model for others

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