Jin Song

Jin SongWe are very happy to welcome Jin Song to our Club, transferring last year from South Australia and now one of the awesome team members in Patrol 2!

Jin was born in Korea (“나는 한국어 말할 수있다 – naneun hangug-eo malhal su-issda “) and hails from Adelaide, with his Bronze Medallion being completed in beautiful Brighton Beach, SA.

With his work as a Project Coordinator bringing him to Sydney, Jin now lives in Stanmore.

Jin is a self-confessed practical joker, and loves living near the world famous landmarks of Sydney.

He decided to become a lifesaver when living in SA, ‘I may not have known what ‘togs’ were, but, I always loved and admired the lifestyle around the beach so I went and joined up at Brighton SLSC!’

Jin is a keen surfer, and he loves tennis, golf and soccer.

Clovelly was the SLSC of choice because ‘I love that it’s unique compared to other beaches in terms of its surroundings and it is easier to get to and most importantly it’s easier and free to park’, says Jin.

Jin has recently come back from a trip to Paris and loved it. His travel bucket list includes more of Europe trips and a stint in the Big Apple, but, until then we are pleased to have Jin with us at Clovelly SLSC.