Toni & Marty LaNauze

Marty and Toni LaNauze_224Fun Fact: “I have more titanium in my left knee than there is bone, having endured 3 knee surgeries and being one of the youngest patients to receive a tibial osteotomy”, reports Marty, one half of the fabulous La Nauze duo.

“Being able to get in the water in pretty much all conditions is what I love about Clovelly Beach”, said Marty.

Toni and Marty with their kids, Monique and George have been coming down to Clovelly since 2010. “My fellow cubbies and the characters we meet, the brave little kids, the tourists (and the car park is a bonus!)”, are some of the reasons Toni loves Clovelly.

With the kids in Nippers, Toni was motivated for to do her Bronze – in fact, she would love to have been a nipper when she was little, but with beaches in Canowindra 300 km from Clovelly this wasn’t realistic.

With a desire to be more involved in Nippers and some eager cheerleading from Jon (Dyster), Bryce (Wilde) and Ros (Manuel), she was convinced to give it a go.

Marty loves the friendly, down to earth nature of the surf club. Enjoying the easy camaraderie of the Patrol teams and the great people he has met along the way. “This all started with the fabulous trainers (Topper, Bec & Ros – take a bow) and my fellow bronze squaddies plus other members of the club”, says Marty.

Impressively, since completing his Bronze in 2014, Marty has pursued a Silver Medallion in Basic Beach Management and IRB crew, which “I really, really enjoyed, even with Gordon driving!” reflects this son of the All Blacks, arriving in Australia 20 years ago with a loose 2-year plan. We are fortunate for his commitment and energy.

Living in Marrickville, the family love the inner west for its coffee, craft beer and family friendly pubs.

Marty is an eager longboard surfer, rugby enthusiastic, skier and motorsport fan. Between all this macho action, Marty is a true family man, enjoying spending time with the family which includes two Burmese cats and two Labrador puppies.

During Toni’s second year on patrol she recalls a Scottish guy who was swimming in Gordon’s Bay and took a stingray barb to the foot. “He was hilarious! Whilst it must have been agony for him but he spent his time extolling the virtues of haggis and went into detail on how it was made. All I could think about was how his foot was starting to resemble a meal of haggis due to the swelling – he should have been rolling in pain”.

“This is one of the things I enjoy most about when patrolling – the good nature of the public who visit the beach”, says Toni.

With two additional awards to under her belt, Applied Senior First Aid and ARTC, Toni is an asset to our Club. When at home Toni loves to cook, read and still enjoys the odd episode of the Muppets!

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