Nippers is a fun, activity-based program to educate children between 5 and 14 about surf safety and awareness when visiting a beach.

Clovelly SLSC runs Nippers activities on Sundays from October until March with a break over Christmas/New Year.

Clovelly Nippers’ Vision is: To create an outstanding Nippers experience that turns today’s kids into tomorrow’s Lifesavers.

1. To create future Surf Lifesavers
2. To teach important beach and surf lifesaving skills in a fun, safe environment
3. To encourage a fit and healthy lifestyle
4. To promote teamwork, being a “good sport” and participating in surf competitions
5. To provide opportunities for families and friends to connect with each other and with the Clovelly community.

Our Values are Participation, Enjoyment, Learning and Safety.

Nippers can join once they turn 5 years old. The first two years of Nippers are spent in the Under 6 (U6s) and U7s, where the focus is on fun and games on the beach to teach children basic skills and awareness of where to swim and what help is available from lifesavers.

The U8s to U14s groups participate in a structured program that includes Practical-Skills Development with activities both on the beach and in the water, and an Integrated Education Component to develop Basic Resuscitation, First Aid, Rescue Skills and an understanding of beach and surf conditions.

Nippers runs each Sunday for about two hours depending on weather, conditions, program schedule, volunteers, etc. Nippers events include wading, board paddling (U8s to U14s), ocean swims, beach sprinting, beach flags, as well as lots of fun activities and games designed to teach key surf lifesaving skills.

Our Nippers participate in a Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) Surf Education program (SurfEd) designed to provide them with the skills and knowledge of beach safety and basic first aid.

Nippers in the U8s to U14s age groups can compete in local events several times each season, as well as the Randwick Shield, and Branch and State Carnivals. Although participation in carnivals is not compulsory, they are strongly encouraged as it gives Nippers an opportunity to test their skills in a different beach environment, while representing and supporting their team mates.


Nippers still runs during wet weather, with some activities for various age groups taking place indoors during wet weather.

Nippers events are cancelled during thunder, lightning storms or high water pollution levels.