Parent/Carer Responsibility

Parent/Carer Involvement

To View the Clovelly Nippers Parent/Carers Handbook 2020/21 Season Click Here

The more you get involved, the more your child will enjoy Nippers. Overall, the emphasis in Nippers is to have fun. The Club operates entirely from volunteer help. There are many jobs you can help with, and you do not need to have had surf life saving experience or be a lifesaver. The Club values any and all contributions from parents – it makes our Club.
Any parent who would like to help out, should speak to their Age Manager, Age Assistant Manager, Age Registrar or a Committee Member about how to get involved.

Ways to get involved:

  • Age Managers, Age Registrar, Age Assistants, Helpers
  • Beach set up and pack up crew
  • Water Safety, IRB crew/driver
  • Competition Officials
  • BBQ
  • Store and supplies
  • Social events
  • Official Photographer
  • Website Coordinator
  • Fundraising, and much much more!

Parental Expectations

If your child has to leave the designated area at any time during the Nippers session they are required to obtain permission from their Age Manager and may only leave with a designated parent/carer. This procedure is to ensure the safety of your child at all times. During Nippers a parent/carer is required to be on the beach at all times.

We are not a babysitting service. Nippers can take two hours or more on some days so it is important that parents NEVER leave their child unattended at Clovelly.

Although the aim of Nippers is to educate your children about the fundamentals of surf awareness and surf safety, Nippers is not a ‘learn to swim’ program. Children are expected to be able to confidently swim the required distance for their age group BEFORE they are able to compete in any water events.

Nippers must wear their age Nipper caps and pink vests during Nippers. Rashies are recommended for sun protection but are not compulsory.

Parent/Carer General Membership

All Nipper Parents/Carers are strongly encouraged to become General Members of Clovelly SLSC for the following reasons:

  • You can’t assist in activities unless you are registered
  • You won’t get as much fun out of Sundays unless you’re helping out
  • If you injure yourself at Nippers, you will be covered by insurance
  • You will be able to enjoy a refreshing drink on Sundays at the upstairs Tom Caddy Bar.

It is compulsory for at least ONE Parent/Carer to register as a General Member and complete the Member Protection Form, but it’s so much more fun and safer if all Parents/Carers register!

The following duties are mandatory for all parents:

  • Barbeque/Beach set up & pack up. Failure to participate could deem your child ineligible for continuation at Nippers. Your Age Group Registrar will assign these duties and it is the parent/carer responsibility to know when you have been assigned and to attend at the required time.
  • Children are not to be dropped off and left on the beach alone. A supervising parent/carer will need to be on the beach for the duration of nippers. If your child is hurt, unwell or in distress you need to be found quickly.
  • Nipper Caps are compulsory during the entire Nippers session and a vital safety component. If your child is not wearing a cap he or she cannot participate in any Nipper activity. Caps are available for purchase at the uniform shop. You should write your child’s name in black waterproof marker on the age colour side. At the end of a Nippers session your child will be asked to remove the cap and the responsibility for the safety and whereabouts of your child passes from the Club back to the parent/carer.
  • Club swimming costumes are compulsory at all Nipper sessions. If your child is not wearing a Club swimming costume he or she cannot participate in any Nipper activity.
  • Only parent/carers who are registered General Members of the Club and have signed a Member Protection Declaration can assist with activities. If non-members are requested to assist by an Age Manager or another Club Official, please advise him/her that you are not a registered General Member. As a General Member if you are unsure on what is being asked of you, please state that and ask for more definitive directions
  • A full and active participation in Nipper activities by your child is what we seek at Clovelly. In order to win and receive an end of season trophy and to be awarded the SLSA Surf Education Award your child must attend at least 70% of Nipper Activities.

The Club’s expectations of parents:

  • First and foremost, Nippers is about safety, fun and participation.
  • If you have a problem or complaint, raise it first with the Age Manager or Age Group Registrar. If it remains unresolved it can be raised with the Nippers President.
  • Remember that your child participates in surf lifesaving for their own enjoyment.
  • Focus on your child’s efforts and performance rather than winning and losing.
  • Show appreciation for good performance by all participants.
  • Never ridicule or yell at your child or other children for making a mistake.
  • Respect Officials decisions and teach your children to do likewise.
  • Not physically or verbally abuse or harass other parents/carers, volunteers or anyone associated with the activities (eg. Coach, Official, Age Manager, etc.).
  • Parents/Carers will not use offensive language.
  • Be a positive role model for others.


Children are to carry a water bottle and should have sunscreen applied prior to the commencement, and throughout the morning of Nippers. Rash shirts are strongly recommended.